Spiritual healing and mental health is so sorely misunderstood and overlooked in the overall spectrum of wellness of self. I really do applaud Tricia for taking up this work that is so needed in today's world for helping people regain clarity, joy, balance and purpose and to minimise the stigma it has on the individual. I had a cord cutting session with Tricia that was deeply healing and brought long term benefits just by one session. Thank you Tricia.

~Samantha Ng Stoianova

Tricia was so kind as to provide me with a session of healing energy and release work. I was feeling mentally, physically and spiritually tense and her support and the work we did helped me go through the steps to release these tensions. I am so grateful! The days after have been a blessing: I feel so light and am shifting my perspective on my current life situation. I thank you Tricia for your empathetic and supportive approach to others! I highly recommend you speak with Tricia if you are feeling stuck in an area of your life.

~ Fola Veritas

Tricia is the most humble and gracious person i have ever known. A wonderful platform created to unleash the hidden truths of the new reality in Mental Health. Beneficial for youth and different age groups to understand the deeper truth and evolve in their journey for the well-being. Tricia is one experienced person in this reality to help you reach to the next dimension with her own living experiences. Incredible move into the reality which needs everyone’s attention.

Highly recommended. All the very best!

~ Nirupama Soni

Tricia was more than willing to share her personal life and experience which had captivated her as a spiritual catalyst into transforming peoples' life and purposes. 

~Alan Soh

Cannot overstate the importance of Integrative Mental Health and the Spiritual Journey in our own life. 

~Yen-Lu Chow