Do you feel depressed and a sense of hopelessness?

Have you lost interest in things once pleasurable?

Do you feel alone and isolated from others?

Are you living day by day feeling soulless?


Have you been diagnosed with a mental health condition?

Or do you suspect you have mental health issues?


Are you on medication for mental health condition(s)? 

Do you suffer side effects from medication?


Do you not wish to take medication or wish to reduce your dependence on medication?


Do you feel somewhere, at the depths of your being, that you are not mentally ill and just deeply misunderstood?


Coming to this website is not by sheer coincidence. We invite you to explore this site further to see how we can help you.



Catalyst Connection is a

Singapore-based non-profit social enterprise founded to

de-stigmatise mental illness

and advocate integrative mental heath care that covers the

8 dimensions of wellness

- physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational,

financial, environmental 

and spiritual.

Our founder, Tricia Tan,

has more than 10 years' lived experience of depression and bipolar disorder with psychosis,

which turned out to be a

personal evolutionary journey 

that transformed her life...



I had a cord cutting session with Tricia that was deeply healing and brought long term benefits just by one session. Thank you Tricia.

~Samantha Ng Stoianova

I highly recommend you speak with Tricia if you are feeling stuck in an area of your life.

~ Fola Veritas


Tricia is one experienced person in this reality to help you reach to the next dimension with her own living experiences.  Highly recommended. All the very best!

~ Nirupama Soni



Provide different perspectives of mental health conditions

De-stigmatise through 

open and authentic


Advocate integrative mental health 


Counselling / Coaching

Support Groups

Outreach & Advocacy

Training & Consultancy



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